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Wordstock 2008

Was a blast.  Got there about 9:30 am, helped do set up, checked out other vendors to see what was where.  Got the ball rolling after a few trial runs with prospectors on the Stumptown comics scene and got a bunch of folks jazzed about the April show and about Stumptown in general.  Didn't sell much in the way of merch but made some good first impressions.  Bought a "Too much coffee man" mug which I poured that vile concoction Starbucks calls "Coffee" into it and drank out of it as I talked to folks about the convention and got Shannon Wheeler (creator of "TMCM"!) to sign the botton of the mug along with a cool lil drawing.  With a smile, Shannon said he'd be happy to redraw the signature anytime the ink wore off the mug! Talked with friends from work who are jazzed about making comics and want to volunteer in April.  Met my friend and old comic store customer from Burlington Vermont who has also relocated to Portland; Art Souza.   When A lady I was talking to when Art happened to mosey up to our booth asked if Art was a fan, he replied; "I am a fan of comics, but mostly I'm a fan of Ethans'!"  Made my week.  As the day rolled onwards, I heard this song; www.youtube.com/watch  by John Coulton...and it was live?  YES!!! John was playing "Eat your Brains"!!! He was part of a number of panels about music writing and happened to play bits from this song live...or...UNlive??? (cue evil laughter!)!! AWESOME!!!! I was so happy.  I got to shake Jim Valentinos' hand and thanked him for all he's done for comics.  He wa a very nice man and he hung out all day at the Dark Horse and Shadowline Image booths.  There were a number of fantastic artists in the artists alley including Jesse Reklaw( www.slowwave.com/ ), Shannon Wheeler ( www.tmcm.com/), Mike Getsiv ( www.getsivizion.com ), Aron Nels Steinke (One of my personal favorites; www.aronnelssteinke.com/), Elijah Brubaker (www.elijahbrubaker.com/ ) along with Spark Plug comics (www.sparkplugcomicbooks.com/ ), Dark Horse Comics, Top Shelf , Oni and Image Shadowline Productions.  The guy who wrote and I think cocreated "The Helm" for Dark Horse was signing and Larry Marder who wrote and drew Bean World was hanging out at Dark Horse' booth also.  

I talked to so many people and had a really good time.  I hope I can do it again in April for the Stumptown festival; www.stumptowncomics.com/ !

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